<![CDATA[Bear Valley Rescue, Alberta, Canada - News]]>Mon, 16 Apr 2018 06:03:30 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[Spring On-Line Auction!]]>Sat, 17 Mar 2018 14:44:53 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/spring-on-line-auctionOur spring on-line auction ran from April 5th to April 14th, 2018.  We have somewhere around 140 items up for grabs! The grand total isn't in yet but we believe it will be over $6,000!!  Thank you so much to all those who donated such fantastic items, and to all the bidders.  A huge shout-out to Mary Ellen L. and Kathy H. for their hard work in collecting all the items, getting them posted, collating the bids and sending everything out to the lucky winners.  A huge undertaking, and we so appreciated it!
<![CDATA[The Mane Event - April 27 - 29, 2018]]>Fri, 02 Mar 2018 17:16:04 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/the-mane-event-april-27-29-2018Once again we'll have a booth at The Mane Event, located at the Westerner Exposition in Red Deer, from April 27th to 29th.    Our booth location has changed - we'll be at booth 2212.
<![CDATA[2018 Annual Open House and Fundraiser!]]>Fri, 02 Mar 2018 17:08:36 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/2018-annual-open-house-and-fundraiser
Join us for a day at the Rescue. Meet some of the animals that call Bear Valley Rescue home, partake of some delicious refreshments, including a BBQ and home-made baking, talk to Mike and Kathy and some of our wonderful volunteers, or just stroll around and enjoy the country air!  More information to follow.  We also hope to have some booths selling items by local crafters, along with our used tack sales.
<![CDATA[Our Annual Decorate the Tree Fundraiser, December 2017]]>Mon, 01 Jan 2018 15:19:49 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/our-annual-decorate-the-tree-fundraiser-december-2017Our goal this December was to raise $20,000 to help cover hay costs for the winter.  We are happy to announce that we exceeded our goal, raising a total of $21,702!!  Thank you to all our donors and supporters for making this such a successful campaign.    We feed the equivalent of 5 large round bales every day.  That's a LOT of hay, but it's important, especially during the cold (and this year, very, very cold!) winter weather, to feed enough hay so that the animals to stay warm and well-fed.  We've had extremely frigid temperatures through most of December so it has been quite a challenge to keep on top of the feeding and to make sure everything stays working order.  Fortunately, as of today, January 1, 2018, the cold is supposed to let up and hopefully that's it for -35C temperatures for a while!
<![CDATA[Bear Valley Rescue Open House 2017 was a smashing success!]]>Sun, 10 Sep 2017 06:00:00 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/bear-valley-rescue-open-house-2017-was-a-smashing-success
Thank you to everyone who attended and to all our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard both before and during the event to make it such a success.  We raised almost $4,800 through the various sales, 50/50 draw, and generous donations, which will buy hay and feed for the horses.   
<![CDATA[March 30, 2017]]>Thu, 30 Mar 2017 09:54:59 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/march-30-2017I figured I had better update from when I wrote February's blog to today, just to try and catch up a bit.

The day to day care of the animals is taking all our time, but finally spring is in the air!  Good thing, as one of our automatic waterers that waters 3 different areas decided to freeze up when the melting snow got down into the pipes.  Glad it didn't happen sooner as having to fill troughs with a hose is a lot of extra work!

Thank you Marcel for donating some lovely alfalfa/grass bales, the horses  love them!

We had a bit of a run on intakes despite our best efforts to keep intakes to absolute emergencies.  Dolly the pony and Beau the palomino gelding were surrendered at the end of February, and we took in 10 surrenders (9 Arab/Arab crosses and 1 Morgan mare) at the end of March from another desperate situation.  Dallas and Mirage both were returned from foster and Queenie has come back temporarily as well.  On the plus side, Nyx, Jet and Shalamar (one of the new Arabs) were gelded and Nyx and Jet both have been adopted.  Two of the new intakes, Dolly, Misty (#3) and Raven (#2) have already been adopted and lovely Rose Red was adopted too.   Norma, and Dennis the goat, were dropped off today at their new foster home.  Thank you Jordan (and Charlene!) for hauling Dallas and Queenie back for us.  We delivered Nyx to his new home today.  Thank you Becki from Bold Equine for working with Nyx to get him to where he could be gelded and for preparing him for his new home.   Pinkerton, Lua, and Red will be going out on foster, and PInkerton and Lua to be worked with as well, at the end of April - thank you Erin and Mike for taking them on.   

I have been very remiss in adding the new intakes to the website and my excuse is the sloooowwww speed of our internet.  It is unbelievably tedious having to wait for things to upload at a snail's pace but unfortunately we are located just so that we can't get wireless and have to rely on satellite and there seems to be only the one provider we can access.  Just about the ONLY downside to being located in the boonies!

For the first time, our farrier Pat is here for 4 days to do trimming.  Up til now we were able to fit all the horses into 3 days but with an increase in the number of 'able to pick up and trim' horses we've had to add a day,  doing close to 100 horses in total!  We have Denis and his tipping table booked for the end of April to get the less handle-able horses trimmed before they go out to pasture.

Thank you to more new sponsors, and welcome to the new volunteers - we've had some great people joining us over the years and we appreciate your help very much!

We lost lovely Fly suddenly last week.  Thank you once again to Greg from Just Passing for being so prompt and sympathetic.  Our heartfelt condolences to the adopters of Rouge and Trump who lost their dear horses recently, and tragically as we just heard this evening, on the passing of Esperanza who only yesterday we'd receiving just a nice update and photos of.  They seem to go too quickly, never with us long enough.
some of the new intakes
some of the new intakes
<![CDATA[February 18, 2017 (but not posted until March 29!)]]>Thu, 30 Mar 2017 09:10:01 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/february-18-2017-but-not-posted-until-march-29It has been months since my last update.  We’ve been so busy!  This winter has been very cold and already way too long.  Thankfully we’ve had a few breaks in the cold but not often enough.  Purchasing all the hay we need for winter, hauling it in, and getting all the horses home from pasture is a HUGE undertaking every year.  It was unfortunately not a good year for hay in our area.  With all the rain many farmers could not get their crops off the fields or had to wait to hay until it was more mature than ideal.   We were able to find very nice hay from farther away, but of course then one has to pay more to get it home.  Also disappointingly we were sold some hay that was not very good, but I guess it is ‘buyer beware’ as with most anything.  We certainly won’t be buying hay from THAT supplier again.

Our Christmas fundraiser was a wonderful success, thank you to everyone who supported us!  We raised about $25,000, which far exceeded our expectations and went a long way to helping cover our winter hay bill.  Our Valentine’s Day fundraiser brought in another $800.   Thanks as well to everyone who volunteered for our AGLC casino which also funds our hay.

With all the horses home we start feeding hay - 4 large rounds per day for the main herd. That's a LOT of hay!
This fall we had a huge influx of skunks! It seemed that every day we’d relocate one skunk and the next day there’d be 2 more to take its place.  We even had to block the cat door to the barn because they were going inside.  One plus to the cold weather when it arrived, the skunks stopped showing up.  Conveniently, one day when our vet was coming out to float teeth, we happened to catch a stray grey and white cat in the skunk trap, so our vet was able to sedate and neuter the stray for us.  This cat is still here now, living under the chicken coop, and is a little less shy each day.  Hopefully one day we’ll even be able to pet him.  We've named him Pepe.
This one came inside for a drink of water!
We have had quite a few adoptions, with many lovely horses going to new homes, including some who had been here for a long time awaiting their perfect home, and a few others that weren’t here long enough to even name – Tonka, Parson, Pepper, several weanlings, Fury, Alice, Hershey, Trixie, Marco, Hans, Roche, and Highway, and foster-fails Smudge and Simba.  Bailey and Bella, 2 mares that came in this winter, were fostered right away and ended up staying on permanently at their new home.  Several more horses found foster homes, including Dallas (who went with Queenie who was here temporarily while her owner was undergoing cancer treatment), Arizona, Talon, Wanda, Mirage, and Silhouette (who went with Fury when he was adopted). We’d also like to thank and welcome the new sponsors who have joined us – sponsoring is a great way to help the horses!

In addition to horses leaving for new homes, we of course had several intakes.  Topper, who was adopted about 4 years ago, came back, as did Karma who was adopted a couple of years ago, and Plume who was adopted a year ago.  With Karma we also took in 6 sheep, which have since found new homes, with 1 going to one home and the other 5 going to another.  Norma, who was a foster, came back after 4 or 5 years away.  Coincidentally we took in a rabbit from Calgary Humane Society also named Norma. Apparently Norma the rabbit could be grumpy with humans, but we found her a good home right away that actually finds her moods quite endearing.  A group of 5 weanlings, 1 yearling and a Thoroughbred gelding came in, with the Thoroughbred (Hans) and 2 of the weanlings being adopted right away.  Two senior horses, Lola and Luke, came in from a feedlot.  Sadly Luke was only with us for a short time before he had to be euthanized due to illness, but he was such a sweet ‘grandpa’ to the weanlings before he passed.

One of our recent intakes was Timmy!

Read Timmy’s story on the ‘Rescue Stories’ page.

I've also started adding some of the stories to the Rescue Stories page.  Please check them out!

In September we received an email about 2 horses that were abandoned out in the forestry and had jointed up with some wildies - one of the dumped horses was in quite bad shape (thin).  With the help of WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta Society), the thin horse was found and brought to Bear Valley.  Sadly the other horse was not located.  We named the new horse Bacardi and it turned out from tracing his tattoo that he is a 25 year old Thoroughbred, ‘Rollin Right’.  It is so irresponsible of people to dump into the wild a domesticated horse, especially one so unsuited to that sort of life, such as a Thoroughbred and elderly on top of that!  Bacardi would not have survived the winter for sure, though under our care he is doing wonderfully.  Because Bacardi was abandoned, we had to hold him for 14 days for LIS (Livestock Identification Service) and then he had to be offered for sale through a public auction.  Thankfully we were able to buy him back from the auction so he’s with us permanently now.  Thank you to both LIS and Innisfail Auction Mart for your help with Bacardi!

Bacardi in September when he arrived.
Bacardi in November, 2 months later.
In the fall we were contacted by someone who was referred to us by Alberta SPCA with regard to 2 donkeys that they had that were in bad shape.  We picked up the donkeys and brought them back to the Rescue.    Miss Kitty and Festus had feet that were in terrible shape.  Miss Kitty also has issues with her back, possibly relating to her feet.  Both have been adopted by a very kind neighbour who is doing everything she can to correct their problems, including regular farrier work, massages, and supplements!

Our most recent intakes are Hondo and Champ, with Hondo being an old rodeo horse, now lame, and Champ being a pony and Hondo’s faithful companion.  Hondo has been receiving joint injections to help with his lameness.  Plume was xrayed to identify the cause of her lameness (an injury to the bones in her foot) and is receiving joint injections for that.  Glory#2, a weanling filly that came to us with a swollen hock, was xrayed and diagnosed with a fracture of her hock.  Unfortunately surgery is not an option for her so instead she also will get regular injections into her hock to help with the injury.

We also just took in 18 chickens that were from a large cull at a chicken farm.  They are settling in and learning to be chickens.  After another week or two of quarantine they will be able to join the other chickens in the coop.

As is inevitable, we lost some dearly loved members of the Bear Valley family over the past few months.  Mugsy, a lovely old pony well into her 30s or possibly even 40s, had to be euthanized due to illness, as did Snips, an old Arab gelding.  Copper passed away suddenly from severe colic.  Two of our fosters had to be euthanized at their foster homes.  Both Pal and Penny had been fostered for many years at their respective homes.  We are so thankful for caring foster homes that are there for the horses right through to the end.  Wonderful Boyd, the tom turkey, passed at 3 ½ years of age.  He is very much missed as he was the ‘greeter’, meeting everyone who came into the yard, and following us everywhere.  Isabel, our lovely old goat, passed away at the incredibly old age of 18 years after a short illness.

Thank you to the following for their much appreciated donations and support over the last few months!
Alberta Equestrian Federation
Donner Canadian Foundation
Catalyst Changers
Dr. Colleen Kramer – Beaver Valley Animal Clinic, Fruitvale, BC
Cochrane Townhall Public
Fountain Tire Sundre – 4 excellent new tires for the truck!
Nickle Family Foundation
Calgary Gymnastics Centre
Tonglen Foundation
Sherling Animal Welfare Foundation
SPCA International

<![CDATA[September 28, 2016]]>Wed, 28 Sep 2016 12:11:12 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/september-28-2016Summer is over and fall is here -   my favourite season, and also our busiest.! In spite of all the rain this summer (EVERY day!) it was still warm and as always we're glad to be able to be doing what we do.    We had quite a few intakes this summer, mostly surrenders, a few returns, and some youngsters purchased from a feedlot.  We had some adoptions too, which almost balanced out the intakes with the outgoings.

We have some big thank-yous - $1000 grant from Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Van Niekerk via Giftfunds Canada;
$500 grant from Gordon R McLeod Fund at the Calgary Foundation; anonymous donation in honour of Mr. & Mrs Barratt; $500 donation from the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation; $6250 raised through our Heartland raffle; over $2300 raised through our on-line auction; $1000 donation from HandsOn Gloves;  and several kind donations in memory of friends, family, and pets, in addition to all our wonderful regular donors and sponsors.

Thank  you once again to Spruce Meadows, both for providing us a free booth at the Masters in the Pet Expo pavilion, and for once again donating the leftover feed to us.
Thank you to Stantec employees for volunteering at the Rescue for Stantec In The Community Day.  We had 45 volunteers out for the day and a lot got done!
We have a wish list of items we use regularly at the rescue now available through Amazon at this link - https://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/3BJVT0VD0AIJ0

We also have our hoodies available in some new colours - you can find out more info on the hoodies on our fundraising page.

A huge thank you to Mr. Harold Roozen for donating 76 round bales of hay.  We'd also like to thank all the wonderful people who donated hundreds of square bales and dozens of round bales over this past spring and summer.  It is so amazing the great support we receive from the community, allowing us to care for the horses and help more of them every day.

Speaking of hay, Mike has started hauling this coming winter's hay home, which will take at least 3 weeks of almost solid driving.    Once all the hay is here we will start hauling home the horses from about 15 different locations where they've spent the summer.  When that is done I don't think we'll want to see the inside of the truck for quite a while!

I've updated the website with the new additions, adoptions, and sadly a few passings as well.    As once again I've left too many weeks between blogs I'm sure I've forgotten some important events and bits of news, but rest assured that we appreciate each and every one of you  and everyone's hard work on behalf of the horses.
<![CDATA[July 15, 2016 - Heartland Raffle!]]>Fri, 15 Jul 2016 22:27:42 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/july-15-2016-heartland-raffleWe are so excited to announce our latest fundraiser!  We have been given the  opportunity to raffle off an on-location visit for 4 people to the  set of the TV show Heartland, filmed here in Alberta!  Tickets can be ordered through our website  -  http://bearvalleyab.org/heartland-raffle.html
Heartland is a very popular show that is now filming its 10th season.  I have to admit I watch it too!  A huge, heartfelt thank-you to the people at Heartland for selecting Bear Valley Rescue as one of 4 Canadian equine charities given this opportunity.  The money raised by the raffle will go toward this coming winter's hay bill.
<![CDATA[July 13, 2016]]>Wed, 13 Jul 2016 12:25:19 GMThttp://bearvalleyab.org/news/july-13-2016
​ It seems every post starts the same way - wondering where the time has gone, and how busy we've been!
There's been so much happening, I'm not sure where to start.  We'd like to thank the Telus employees who came out for Telus Day of Giving; they worked hard all day here at the Rescue, and also built a new climbing structure for the goats.  Thank you  to Kittyhawk Foundation for the grant, and to Linda for doing a press release for us (about the need for hay and donations) and to everyone who responded to the press release by donating.

We had some very sad events over the last few weeks, including the loss of Gimper the pig, Shamrock the orphan foal, and Tinsel the mare, all three of which were very difficult to deal with. With the added stress of having horses go missing from 2 different pastures  a week apart (not to worry though, they were all found safe and sound and returned to their proper places!), and dealing with a bad adoption & foster situation (again, thankfully we were able to get the horses back, though not without one being injured prior to us getting it back), and having to cover many miles picking up horses and dealing with intakes from difficult situations, we are really in need of a break!  

The weather lately has been less than ideal.  After a mild winter and beautiful spring (for which we are eternally grateful for) I suppose it was inevitable that we were in for a change, and though the temperatures have been good,  the amount of rain and storms we've had lately is incredible.  At least the pastures are doing well with all the rain we've had!  Last  Saturday,  I and two of our dedicated volunteers spent the afternoon in a torrential thunderstorm slogging through a bog looking for one of the groups of missing horses.  We didn't find the horses but at least we didn't get hit by lightening though there were some pretty close calls!  What a relief that Mike found the horses today, fat and happy in a neighbouring quarter.  

We would like to thank those who made donations in  memory of Pamela Thomas; Christine Lo's sponsorship of our horse Sylvia in memory of her mom Sylvia; and  in memory of  Terry Forrest.

There have been quite a few adoptions of late, including America, Chloe & her foal Cricket,  foster-fail Davey,  Denali, Primula, Amulet,  Shadow#3 (with Delphi fostered), Roche and Stoney.  Dallas, who was adopted out, came back with a minor injury.  Chaplain and Simba came back, with Simba having a serious injury.  Charger, Finn and Rose Red are still out for handling.  Rose Red is progressing really well.  Finn has his good days but he is still having days where he is more reactive.

Merlin, Sylvia,  Monkey, Wynn, Slinky, Terry, Tuffy and Missy have new sponsors!  Our sponsorship program is a great way to support the Rescue and the horses.  Thank you to everyone who sponsors one of our animals.

We have had a few interesting intake situations over the past month.  One intake involved 3 young, untouched Morgan horses, along with an old grey gelding with huge melanomas, and a  draft-cross gelding.  The location was several hours away and the horses were  pretty well feral (except the old grey gelding), and they were getting out onto the roads and into neighbours' fields.  We were able to corral and load all the horses though it took several hours.  The mosquitoes were horrendous and the place the horses were located was filled with LOTS of junk  that made for quite an obstacle course, on top of there being missing gates  and poor fences.  

Another intake was a couple of hours away and involved the temporary surrender of a horse whose owner is battling cancer.  Unbeknownst to the owner, he had entrusted the care of his horse to a person who is well know in this area as an unscrupulous horse dealer.  After havng the horse for a while, the horse dealer told the owner he had to pay a large amount of money for board and unsubstantiated vet costs in order to get his horse back or the horse would be sold at auction.  The horse did get sold at auction but fortunately the owner was able to buy his horse back at the last minute before it went to the slaughterplant, so we had to rush up to the auctionhouse to pick up the horse for him.  We have agreed to look after the horse for the owner until he has completed his cancer treatment.    The same day we picked up this horse, we also picked up a surrendered little mini mare that has fear issues.  The mini mare has gone to a great foster home where they will work with her to help her overcome her fear issues.

We also took in 6 rabbits from the Red Deer SPCA.  They have an overabundance of rabbits as they took in over 150 of them from a feral situation.  If you are looking for a bunny companion please contact them!  All the rabbits are fixed and vetted, and many of them are very young.

Warrior, a paint gelding we took in a couple of months ago, had hooves that were in very bad shape.  He had an active abscess in one front hoof that had also broken off very short, and he had  long, overgrown back feet. Unfortunately due to his background Warrior had never had his feet handled, making working with his feet quite a challenge.  With our vet and our farrier, we had Warrior sedated so that his feet could be trimmed and the abscess treated.  We were dismayed to find that his feet were is worse shape than we'd expected.  HIs soles crumbled apart and  his back feet had huge holes in the bottoms from old abscesses (we assume).  Neither our vet nor our farrier could understand how he had be standing, let alone moving around, without obvious pain or distress.  We had to seriously consider euthanizing Warrior on the spot as no  one felt that he would be able to stand once he came out of the sedation since his soles had disintegrated for the most part and the holes in his feet were so severe.  However we decided to give him a chance, based on the fact that prior to sedation he had been moving just fine.  We packed his hooves with antibiotic cream and wrapped them up.  Both our vet and our farrier were amazed when Warrior was then able to get up and walk and trot without any discomfort.  He is a medical miracle.!  He has continued to stand and move without trouble.  We will be sedating him for another look at his feet  at the next visit with the farrier.
The new goat playground
Amira the mini mare
The 3 unhandled Morgans
One of Warrior's hooves.
We received an update on Rene, the very thin thoroughbred mare we took in last year from her foster home.  She looks fantastic!  Rene had been discarded by her owner because she was thin and had lost her foal and they decided she was not worth looking after any longer.
Rene when she arrived.
Rene now!